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Sylvia’s Current Speaking Programs

Powerful, Timely Topics Tailored to Your Specific Needs and Goals

As an executive change strategist and pioneer in the coaching industry, Sylvia Becker-Hill offers audiences a unique blend of academic knowledge and hands-on practical wisdom. Utilizing the latest research in neuroscience and emotional intelligence, she focuses on helping people create positive, lasting transformative change.

Not only do audiences benefit from her education, research, training, international coaching and real-world experience, but they also can’t resist her passionate and humorous on-stage presence. Sylvia has a knack for conveying complex theoretical information by breaking it down into bite-sized morsels that audience members can act upon immediately.

Sylvia Becker-Hill doesn’t provide classic speeches. She provides highly interactive workshops from stage, resulting in transformation in real time during your event.

Absolutely unique is Sylvia’s commitment to support YOU reaching the strategic goals you pursue with any given event. Adding her coaching expertise to the preparation for your event, Sylvia will provide you with a 90-minute The Change Master’s Event-Briefing Session™ to be crystal clear about what you want to achieve with your event and how you will measure your return on investment. Sylvia makes sure that your investment in her yields multiple returns for you.

Current Speaking Topics

Steering the Roller Coaster of Change

Target Audience: Corporate Leaders who are guiding an anxious and unmotivated workforce through yet another change

Strategically guide people through difficult times of change while transforming the whole corporate culture. This powerful program teaches leaders the logic of emotions in times of change. It addresses what employees need in order to embrace the change and deliver the expected performance. Applying these pearls of wisdom turns managers into powerful change agents, becoming role models for Change Mastery™.


Tame Your Inner Chauvinist and Become the CEO of Your Career and Your Life

Target Group: Female Executives who have a great career but no “life” or those who have a career and a family but no time and no energy; for professional women who want it all—more money, more love, more time and more energy

Use state-of-the-art communication, power strategies and emotional intelligence to be, do and have what you always dreamed of. This program is the ultimate antidote for exhaustion, “overwhelm” and frustration.


How to Reinvent Yourself and Generate Skyrocketing Sales
in the Current Economy

Target Group: Sales Teams who have endured a downward spiral in sales over several months

Create a turnaround with a new numbers-independent confidence. This transformational program shows sales teams how to use The Power of Internal AttributionTM to have confidence in themselves as well as their products and services, despite months of poor sales and difficult circumstances. This is the ultimate magic wand for boosting sales.


Get Out of Your Own Way and Land Your Dream Job

Target Group: Professionals in Transition who have done everything “by the book” to find a new job but still don’t have one

Learn how to be irresistible in an employers’ market. Use emotional intelligence, authentic non-verbal communication, success visualization and Upside-Down Tapping™ to let go of limiting beliefs that negatively affect your interview performance.


The Law of Attraction: Beyond New Age, Esoteric
and Any “Woo Woo”

Target Group: Professionals who are longing to feel powerful, in charge and inspired

Apply corporate change management models and tested emotional intelligence tools to master the human potential to create—and achieve—anything. During this motivational, inspiring and uplifting program, Sylvia will help audience members understand their own power to facilitate change and produce results.

Note: This is ideal for large events with a diverse audience, especially if the goal is to inspire and empower.

These programs can be presented as keynotes and/or workshops for groups ranging in size from 6 to 500. Though the ideal length is 90-120 minutes (including Q&A), all of Sylvia’s programs can be adjusted to accommodate time slots as brief as 30-minutes and as long two full two days—depending upon desired outcomes, depth and sustainability.

Recommendations for a Successful Event

In order to best customize Sylvia’s program to fit your audience and your strategic goals, please request and review The Change Master’s Event-Briefing Session™ Form at least 48 hours before your briefing conversation with her. When you’re ready, just click here to generate an e-mail request for this form.