Dear Clients,
Like I recommend a good movie to my friends or a great local restaurant to my neighbors, I have collected some of the personal resources I have used in the past or am still using now to change for the better. They are the results of more than 20 years of research, and they represent an investment of more than $50,000 addressing the question:

What do humans need for sustainable change?

Over the years many of the things I tried worked, but some did not and were a waste of time and money. Here are the ones I can whole-heartedly recommend, so you don’t need to do additional research or waste your time and money.

I share these with you trusting you that you know and accept:

  • Buying something but not using it will not make any difference. It is like a book that sits on your shelf unread—it will bring you neither joy nor insights.
  • The fact that I, or clients of mine, got great results using these resources does not guarantee that you will too. It depends on your efforts and discipline as well as whether or not a given resource is really a good “fit” for you. Therefore, please don’t consider me responsible for the level of change you create with them.
  • As an affiliate of the producers of some—not all—of these products, I make money when those particular products are sold through links on my webpage. This revenue flows back into my research into “change tools” and into this site to keep my treasure chest of resources for you up-to-date.

May these change tools help you create the desired changes inside yourself and in your environment in an efficient and lasting manner.

All the best to you!