“Mastering Change Using Brainalignment” with Sylvia Becker-Hill

Join us as we talk with Sylvia about her work with corporate executives and leaders. Learn the 3 most important things leaders need to understand and master to lead their teams during times of corporate change. Sylvia is an award winning executive coach on both sides of the Atlantic. As an executive coach, change strategist, trainer, public speaker and published author, Sylvia’s passion for life and work is contagious. She brings creativity and joy to all she does and leaves her audiences wanting more.

Recorded live on November 21, 2013 on OCTalkRadio.net with host Doug Gfeller, MCC

“Why Too Much Positive Thinking is a Negative Thing” with Sylvia Becker-Hill

Have you tried affirmations, positive thinking and the law of attraction only to end up frustrated? Well lets take a look at these and other famous self-help techniques from a brain’s perspective.

Trish Luna -deAlva interviewed Sylvia for Intention Radio aired on Wed Feb 26th 7pm PT.