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September 2011

Dear readers, followers, friends and clients,

September has been a month of change for me. I said goodbye to my beloved in-laws when they returned to New Zealand and hello to a city that I fell in love with, Toronto. I said goodbye to my old home office and hello to my new one. I said goodbye to lazy days at the beach with my boys and hello to busy afternoons full of homework and squeezed-in play dates.

This is definitely a time of transition—a time when Michigan starts to taste and smell different. Instead of hot dogs at the park, we eat cinnamon donuts and drink fresh cider at the mill. Instead of flip-flops, I wear business suits...

What does transition and autumn mean to you? How do you welcome the early evenings and the lengthening nights? I have gone back to the habit of hot tea every night.

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This Month's Featured Article

Attention! Here’s a tricky question: Would you rather be right or be free?

One of the favorite lessons I teach students in my coaching training is the distinction between trigger and cause. “Cause” is what we all know from science: it's the cause and effect relationship. When “A” happens, “B” has to follow. No choice. No variation.

For example, if I tossed a glass of water into your face during a normal dinner conversation, in a scientific cause and effect relationship, you couldn’t avoid getting wet. Your face would be wet, right? Here is the interesting question: How will you react to the fact that I made you wet?

You have lots of options. You could become angry, take your glass and toss the water in my face as well. You also could start to laugh and say, “Thank you! It's so hot in here that I needed that.” Or you could stand up angrily, leave the room and never talk to me again. These are the possible responses triggered by my action.

So here is the takeaway distinction from this example. If I throw water in your face (cause), you will always get wet, and you can’t change that (effect). However, the (triggered) response to the thrown water varies from person to person, and you have a choice of how to respond.


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For all managers who want to sell an idea, a strategy or a vision to their employees, I recommend this: You need to use the language your people want to hear and buy into, not what you think they should hear and buy into. The same is true for any business owner: If you want to sell something, you need to sell what people want and not what YOU think they want. If you are not sure what they really want, simply ask!

Along those lines, I have a favor to ask. I’m in the process of launching a second brand focused on “making more money,” and I need real sound bites and clear language from my prospects. So, I want to know what YOU really need. Please give me a few minutes of your time and click on the following link to complete my market-research survey. I promise you that it will take less than 5 minutes if you answer it spontaneously!

Where  Is Sylvia This Month?

While September was all about networking and “Back to School,” my main focus in October will be the start of my last German run (this year) of The Coachmakers Training™ with seven training days in four weeks!

After a two-day mastermind retreat with my business-mentor-coach Shawn Driscoll, I’ll be headed to Tucson, Arizona, for my first event with Kendall Summerhawk.

In addition to celebrating Halloween and my oldest son’s seventh birthday, October includes plans to enjoy Michigan’s Indian summer with friends visiting from Germany.

I wish you all a great month full of learning and celebrations!


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“When I started my current position, it was a complete culture shock to me as I went from working in a large corporate office to a small three-person environment. Along with the culture shock, the office itself was experiencing a wide variety of changes in all aspects, including management, program directions, and just the downfall of the automotive industry in general. It got to a point where I didn’t think things could get any worse, and then we were suddenly informed you would be coming in to assist us in team-building.

“Since that one day you came in, our office truly did a complete 180 and hasn’t turned back since—over a year later we are still going strong. We were able to effectively communicate our personal issues and move forward. We established goals as a team.

I cannot stress how valuable that one day you spent with us has been in the long term—you can’t put a price on it. My worklife has a domino effect on my personal life, and if I am not happy at work then it causes misery personally, and I can honestly say I am so much stronger and happier one year later. Thank you again for everything you have done for me (and my colleagues too).”

— Anonymous, Event Coordinator in the Automotive Industry