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Sylvia Becker-Hill

How much do you trust YOUR brain?

May 2012

After being away for 24 intense vacation, coaching and training days in April, I am enjoying the simplicity of cooking, playing and reading at home in Michigan, working with clients in different countries over the phone and establishing new routines for my health and fitness.


I strongly believe that most people who choose their careers—as opposed to doing something dictated by their parents or their circumstances—subconsciously choose careers that provide them with the best learning opportunities or research paths to a solution for a unique problem they have.

For example, 15 years ago one of my best friends had several “weird” health issues and needed to wear strong glasses. She became a homeopath and eyesight trainer. Then there was the client who changed his career from engineer—following in the footsteps of his dad—to being a horse whisperer, because he felt a strong longing in his soul. Now he helps managers via horse-leadership training programs.

As for me, as a teenager I was very unhappy about my “human limitations.” So over the years I studied and researched what makes humans tick as well as what they need in order to make lasting changes. That resulted in my career as a coach.

I consider my life an ongoing “construction zone,” and I love it! The paradox to this is that…

The more I learn to accept the way I am,
the more I’m able to change.

This month’s article is about the brain and something that—when I finally understood it—initially made me mad, but now it helps me in my process of self-design and self-acceptance. As with most of my newsletters, you’ll find that this one contains a unique self-coaching process, and that is my May gift for you!

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This Month's Featured Article

Why You Shouldn’t Always Trust Your Brain

When it comes to your success in life and with change attempts, you now understand (from my newsletters) that it is beneficial to know your brain and understand how it works. There is just one big problem:

Our brain is capable of greatness but hardwired for survival.

For example: Did you know that one of its principal goals is to be energy efficient because it needs—relative to its size—a huge amount of our biochemical resources like water, oxygen and minerals. It has learned through evolution to make its own processes as efficient as possible, giving it an evolutionary competitive edge over brains that aren’t wired this way.

One strategy for saving energy is to quickly forget things that are not important to survival. Our brain is committed to our survival as a species, so the highest-priority items for memory include things, situations and words that threaten us. Things that are beautiful, joyful or harmonious—and therefore not a threat—are easily forgotten.

You might say, “Ok, sad, but why is that a problem?”

This a problem because…

  • It trains us to learn only from our mistakes and not from our successes.
  • It fixes our attention on the things that are not working in our life, omitting those that are working.
  • It makes the process much more difficult for those who want to learn, grow and change themselves for the better.

In every past success is hidden information about our power to create and manifest. If you took the time to remember your past achievements and analyze precisely how you accomplished them—what your mindset was, what you felt and did when and how—you could write your own personal “how to be successful” book!

If you would regularly relish your beautiful memories of past achievements and successes instead of wallowing in your worries and concerns about momentary problems or future threats, you would be much more confident, fulfilled and powerful.

But don’t worry! I found a solution and created a 5-step process to train your brain in such a way that it has a long-term “rewiring” effect. The initial cost is merely the effort and discipline it takes to follow it for a few weeks, until it becomes a natural new habit of thinking. I promise that the process itself is doable and joyful, and after you have established it as a new habit, it is easy!


The Reinforcing Positive Memories Process™

Step 1: Brainstorm 10 past achievements or successes. These can be related to your career, relationships, health, travels… anything you accomplished that made you happy and proud.

My list includes big things like my great high school and university degrees, an award for my start-up concept for my business, my wedding… but also small things like a series of small paintings I created 12 years ago and saying “no” to a contract that was financially attractive but out of alignment with my sense of integrity.

Step 2: Go through them one by one and remember as many details as possible. Consider where, when, who was involved, what you thought, felt, did, etc.

Step 3: Enjoy the memory. Make it as bright and intense and fulfilling as possible.

Step 4: Remind yourself: “This is more proof of how powerfully I can manifest.”

Step 5: Repeat steps 2 to 5 daily for a few weeks with the same list, trying to remember one new detail about each achievement. This will help you to stay curious, excited and focused.

After a few weeks brainstorm a new list, adding to your wealth of positive achievement memories. When you feel a sense of growing fulfillment, confidence and an ability to remember positive things, you’ll know you have retrained your own brain! The amount of anxiety and worries in your life will drop significantly, and your ability to be aware of your personal “best practices” will be stabilized. You will literally be more resourceful for future challenges and change attempts.

As always, keep in mind that just reading this self-coaching exercise will not make any difference. Only by taking action and really going through the process will you benefit from its power. And don’t forget to share what you are experiencing—either on my blog or by email, both of which are accessible via links at the bottom of this page.


Disclaimer: This process is created for mentally stable and healthy people to conduct self-coaching and research into their own brain. If you suffer from strong traumas or mental diseases or brain dysfunctions, please don’t try this process alone; do it only under the supervision of your mental health provider. Sylvia Becker-Hill is not responsible for its proper use or outcomes for you or anyone else.

Invitation to Speak with Sylvia


If you want a guided session with me because…

  • You know you can’t do it alone or
  • You have problems to concentrate or
  • You want to go deeper and really discover hidden treasures of your life and inside yourself…

Then take advantage of one of four 90-minute slots available for you to go through The Reinforcing Positive Memories Process™ with me in June.

You’ll start this process with a questionnaire to help you brainstorm. That is followed by our phone session together. Next, you’ll get a second questionnaire to deepen and anchor the session PLUS an MP3 recording of the session so you can listen to it again and again.

Finally, if you have problems remembering details, I will use Pro-EFT* to unblock them.

If you want to understand how to manifest success in your life in such a way that you can apply the most effective strategies in the future whenever you like, you owe it to yourself to get one of only four sessions available, now!

To make this decision easier for you, I have lowered the investment from $497 to $297, a $200 savings!

To accept this special offer, email me at sylvia@becker-hill.com using the word “Brain” in the subject line.

* You can learn more about Emotional Freedom Techniques and the benefits of Pro-EFT on my website at www.sylviabeckerhill.com/proeft.

What's New?

Summer is ahead of us! This means school vacation, visits from my parents from Germany and precious, relaxing downtime spent beside beautiful lakes in Michigan.


From June 18 though July 18, I will only be sporadically available in the office. I won’t take on any new clients or facilitate any corporate trainings during that time. From July 19 until the end of August, I will work reduced hours to make the most of summer and my two rapidly growing boys.

Fortunately, I recently added a new personal communication assistant to my growing VA team! Her name is Vickie Nickel, and with her support I can go on serving you throughout the summer months—hopefully without much of a delay in email responses.





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