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2012: A Year by YOUR Design!

January 2012

Dear readers, followers, friends and clients,

Happy New Year!

Do you still believe in Santa? Or in another benevolent power who delivers gifts to you?

There is something very comforting in that, and I would never tell anyone to stop. I worked hard this holiday season to keep my boys believing in Santa, as you can see in the photo with the almost-finished milk and cookies from the “proof plate” in front of our fireplace. My boys came up with this idea to see if Santa really comes through the chimney to deliver the gifts.

What I want to suggest is that in addition to that trust in external forces, you also trust the power of your own decisions.

The start of a new year is for most people a time to make resolutions for a better year to come. Despite recent well-publicized claims that resolutions are overrated and outdated because they never work, YOU know—if you read my ebook Resolutions That Stick—what it takes to be successful with them.

I知 in a huge transition right now. I知 making a fundamental change in my life. It has so many implications, and it affects so many aspects of my life, that most people would think it痴 a difficult change. I am in the process of altering my food choices; I知 going vegan, which means I値l soon stop eating any products made from animals.

So far the surprise for me is that it feels easy. I知 not fully there yet. There are still things in the fridge I want to finish, and I have to figure out how to come up with substitutes for them. I知 still working through several books and signing up for vegan cooking classes. But it all feels surprisingly easy, without pressure or starvation or “giving up” something.

The secret? The power of a clear decision. I decided, and so be it.

For me it feels like using the magic wand we all have in our brains—like flipping the infamous “switch” inside. When we are simply considering changes or starting to make changes without a clear decision, change can feel difficult and overwhelming.

What decisions are you going to make for 2012?

The main article today is about the promised second questionnaire to help you create a vision and goals for 2012 that will ultimately result in—ideally—clear decisions, which will make the necessary changes seem easy for you.

I don稚 know yet how my decision to go vegan will turn out or how it will change my body and fitness level and the health of my family I値l keep you posted! Likewise, I love hearing about your change-attempts, change-pains and change-successes! Please comment on my blog or send me an email at

To a fabulous year, when we all rediscover the power of clear decisions!

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This Month's Featured Article

As promised last month, here痴 another free tool* to help you take advantage of all the opportunities this year might bring...

Goals can only be met when there are enough positive emotions to motivate their realization—and when they serve as steps on the way towards a fulfilling vision. If you want this to be the “best year ever,” you need to set aside some time for careful planning and reflection.

I created The Change Master痴 Design-Your-Year Process™ to help you work through this. An abbreviated version is included below, but to really take advantage of this process, I recommend downloading the black and white printer-friendly version and using it to write out your answers.

2012—A Year by My Own Design!” The Change Master痴 Design-Your-Year Process™

Most people overestimate what they can achieve in one year but underestimate what they can achieve in ten years. Therefore: relax, sit back and allow yourself to dream and think BIG...

  1. Where, how and with whom will you live 10 years from now, in 2022? How will you feel? What will you think? What will you do? What will you own?

  2. What must happen by the end of 2012 in order for your vision of 2022 to come true? Formulate 3 to 5 goals using the word “I” and active verbs. Don稚 use auxiliaries like “want” or “will” and avoid words like “maybe.” While formulating your goals, keep the end result in mind.

  3. In order to reach your goals, it is important not only to have a precise plan but also to have a strong conviction that you will achieve them! On a scale of 1 to 10, determine how strongly you believe you will reach your goals, where “total conviction” is a 10 and “nothing but doubts” is a 1. Do that for each one of your goals.

  4. When you are lying in bed at night, imagine how you will feel once you have reached your goals. Try to experience your feelings as if your success has just been achieved, right NOW.

  5. Each month choose one goal to focus on and ask yourself, “Which new habit, if established daily, would make the biggest difference in helping me reach this goal?” Commit yourself to this new habit. Simply do it without hesitation for at least four weeks.

Read more

* If you missed my last newsletter or have not yet downloaded my questionnaire, The Change Master痴 2011 Completion Guide, you can get it here: Completion of 2011. Do yourself a favor and complete 2011 before designing 2012!

What is Sylvia doing this month?

Jan. 4-6: The Coachmakers Training™ Module 6, Michigan
Jan. 11-12: The Coachmakers Training™ Module 7, Michigan
Jan. 17-20: Begin Stars Program with Kendall Summerhawk, Arizona
Jan. 23-24: Shadow Coaching day with executive client, South Carolina
Jan. 25-26: Two VIP Days, Money-Makeover and Business Makeover, Florida
Jan. 31 - Feb. 9: Facilitating a 4-day coaches training program (and more), Germany

What's New

Pro-EFTI recently launched a new service that I am excited to share with you. I am now utilizing my expertise in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Progressive EFT to help clients experience the following:

1. Relief where there was stress
2. Peace where there was anger
3. Courage where there was doubt
4. Inspiration where there was a lack of motivation
5. Clarity where there was confusion
6. Power where there was helplessness
7. Energy where there was stagnation

If you would like to eliminate stress, procrastination and doubt—quickly—then apply for a free 30-minute Pro-EFT Discovery Session with me. You can learn more about EFT and download an application for your free session via this link:

May 2012 turn out to be your best year ever,


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What is Sylvia doing this month?

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