Women Executives

The year 2010 witnessed a milestone that probably includes you: for the first time in American history, there are more women than men in the workforce! Nevertheless, 75% of all working women make less money than their male peers in the same positions.

Additionally, the few female leaders who serve on boards and executive committees hold positions in supporting departments such as legal, communications and HR rather than in roles contributing to operational profit and loss.[1]

During my early years as an executive coach for women executives, I regularly heard the following questions:

  • How can I break through the glass ceiling of a corporation?
  • How can I “play with the big boys” while staying true to my female authenticity?
  • How can I market myself internally to get the support and recognition I deserve?

I quickly realized that women not only face external barriers to their success (some of which are gradually coming down), but they also face internal ones that are much more restrictive! For most of my clients, self-doubt and limiting beliefs have created a powerful glass ceiling in their own minds, and this is what prevents them from having the impact and the financial freedom they seek.

If you are a bright, intelligent, ambitious woman who is finished with old-fashioned feministic strategies and who recognizes that the biggest enemy is between your own two ears, you will find a perfect partner in me.

Working with me will prepare you to…

  • Make more money,
  • Have more impact,
  • Get more time for yourself,
  • And reap more recognition.

If you are ready to start your personal transformation and be the leader you are meant to be, fill out the application here, and I—or someone from my team—will contact you to schedule your free Change Strategy Consultation as soon as possible.

[1] As reported in the 20-first’s WOMENOMICS 101 Global Survey 2010

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20-first works with progressive global companies around the world interested in responding to both halves of the market and optimizing both halves of the talent pool – the male and female halves.

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