Sylvia might be your ideal coach right now if…

  • You find yourself in the middle of a major corporate change initiative such as re-structuring, downsizing or a post-merger integration and you want to learn how to navigate yourself and your employees through that process professionally, efficiently and safely.
  • You made a career jump and find yourself faced with the biggest team you have ever managed and numerous questions regarding leadership and change-management.
  • You have a conflict with your boss and want to solve that in a productive way without jeopardizing your career.
  • You have to address internal team conflicts and need some guidance.
  • You experience boredom, frustration or “overwhelm” and sense that you career needs a new direction.
  • You love what you do but need a better work-life balance in order to stay healthy, continue peak performance and enjoy the rest of your life.

When coaching one-on-one with Sylvia, you have a personal Executive Change Strategist serving as your partner and guide for the desired change. By applying the proven Blueprint for Mastering Strategic Change™, you will transform yourself from a change-victim into a change-champion. Using the latest insights regarding your brain and emotional intelligence, you will be able to…

  • Overcome your change-adversity
  • Raise your change-adaptability
  • Strengthen your change-power
  • Master your change-charisma
  • Discover your change-mastery

Sylvia offers coaching packages with contracts for 3-month, 6-month and 12-month periods. Coaching packages include the following:

Strategic Change Coaching Package/Month:

  • Two 60- to 90-minute power sessions per month on the phone or face to face in Sylvia’s office
  • Digital Photos from flipchart protocols from the in person sessions
  • Audio downloads from sessions over the phone
  • Email support with questionnaires, templates and recommendations
  • A weekly accountability structure with Sylvia’s proven Change-Focus-Tool™
  • A coupon book for 5- to 10-minute urgent calls (the total number of calls varies with contract duration)
  • Free follow-up Change-Sustainability Enhancer Session™ 8 to 12 weeks after the final coaching session

Change takes time.
To “unlearn” old habits and to rewire your brain, you need training and reinforcement. For that reason Sylvia also provides single session options for clients who have already worked with her.

As a new client you would be eligible for a FREE Change Strategy Consultation. In this session, you and Sylvia would determine…

  • If the two of you are a great fit.
  • If executive coaching is the best approach for your issue.
  • How long you and Sylvia would probably need to work together.

You can also use this free consultation to address any other questions you might have. If you are interested, simply fill out this application, and someone from Sylvia’s team will follow up with you to schedule a session.

You can change in deeper and more meaningful ways than you’ve ever imagined. Let Sylvia show you how!