C-Level Executives

As a CEO, COO, CFO… or business owner, do any of these statements describe you?

  • You’re not worried about climbing the ladder because you’ve already “arrived.”
  • Being at “the top” is great, but now you don’t have any peers and are lonely.
  • You need a sounding board, but you’re surrounded by “yes men” who can’t be trusted to provide honest feedback.
  • You’re not worried about making more money. Now you’re focused on making a difference.
  • You’ve begun thinking about your legacy. What will you be known for? How will you be remembered?
  • You’ve amassed great wealth, but you’re not sure what do with it. You’re wondering how you can have a lasting impact.

Whether you need help because the game has changed now that you’re at the top or because you’re ready to plan the next phase of your life, Sylvia is the right coach for you!

She is a partner you can trust: a “safe” confidant who is devoted to your goals and dreams, a sounding board who has the courage to give you honest feedback. If you’ve conquered the equivalent of “the seven summits” in business and are now ready to take on the “eighth”—contact Sylvia.


  • Is passionate about creating visions and helping you figure out what to do with the rest of your life.
  • Has an academic background in philosophy, ethics and linguistics and is a deep thinker with a world perspective who can broaden your horizons.
  • Is courageous and self-confident enough to think big and provide honest feedback. Unlike employees who are trying to please you, she can speak her mind.
  • Is like a chief advisor and court jester rolled into one. She can talk to you about things that no one else will, and she jokes about things that others would get their heads cut off for.
  • Can help you step back and look at things differently, challenging you or kicking you in the butt, if necessary.

If you are still reading this page, you are ready to meet Sylvia. Please complete the application here, and Sylvia—or someone from her team—will contact you to schedule your free Change Strategy Consultation as soon as possible.