2012: A Year by YOUR Design!

by admin on January 3, 2012

As promised in the last post, here’s another free tool* to help you take advantage of all the opportunities this year might bring…

Goals can only be met when there are enough positive emotions to motivate their realization—and when they serve as steps on the way towards a fulfilling vision. If you want this to be the “best year ever,” you need to set aside some time for careful planning and reflection.

I created The Change Master’s Design-Your-Year Process™ to help you work through this. An abbreviated version is included below, but to really take advantage of this process, I recommend downloading the black and white printer-friendly version and using it to write out your answers.

“2012—A Year by My Own Design!” The Change Master’s Design-Your-Year Process™

Most people overestimate what they can achieve in one year but underestimate what they can achieve in ten years. Therefore: relax, sit back and allow yourself to dream and think BIG…

  1. Where, how and with whom will you live 10 years from now, in 2022? How will you feel? What will you think? What will you do? What will you own?
  2. What must happen by the end of 2012 in order for your vision of 2022 to come true? Formulate 3 to 5 goals using the word “I” and active verbs. Don’t use auxiliaries like “want” or “will” and avoid words like “maybe.” While formulating your goals, keep the end result in mind.
  3. In order to reach your goals, it is important not only to have a precise plan but also to have a strong conviction that you will achieve them! On a scale of 1 to 10, determine how strongly you believe you will reach your goals, where “total conviction” is a 10 and “nothing but doubts” is a 1. Do that for each one of your goals.
  4. When you are lying in bed at night, imagine how you will feel once you have reached your goals. Try to experience your feelings as if your success has just been achieved, right NOW.
  5. Each month choose one goal to focus on and ask yourself, “Which new habit, if established daily, would make the biggest difference in helping me reach this goal?” Commit yourself to this new habit. Simply do it without hesitation for at least four weeks.

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* If you missed my last newsletter or have not yet downloaded my questionnaire, The Change Master’s 2011 Completion Guide, you can get it here: Completion of 2011. Do yourself a favor and complete 2011 before designing 2012!

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