How to wrap up 2011 so you have MORE energy for 2012!

by admin on December 22, 2011

The end of December is when most people start thinking about the next year and making plans for what it should look like. What I see happening again and again, however, is that people plan the future without giving much thought to the recent past. From the perspective of your brain, this is a costly mistake. Let me explain why… In the June issue of my newsletter and the corresponding blog post, I said you need Brain Alignment™ for every goal you want to reach. In short, this means that your subconscious mind needs to say “Yes” to every conscious goal you pursue. If you start planning for 2012 without emotionally completing 2011, you will create resistance inside your subconscious mind. You subconscious mind is highly organized and wants things to be emotionally complete before it moves on. So in order for your plans for 2012 to get your full attention and the support of your subconscious mind, you need to look back on 2011 and do the following:

  • Celebrate what you accomplished.
  • Take responsibility for your mistakes.
  • Integrate any emotions that remain unresolved.

“Integrating emotions” means to become aware of what you’re feeling and to allow yourself to feel it without resistance. When you fail to do this, the feelings you resist get pushed into the deeper layers of your subconscious, tying up energy and attention, which consequently is then not free for your new endeavors. I created The Change Master’s Completion Process for 2011™ to help you work through this. I have included some of it below, but to fully take advantage of this process, I recommend downloading the printable version to use as your personal self-coaching template.

Magic Moments and Pearls of Wisdom: A Short Version of The Change Master’s Completion Process for 2011TM

1. a. Personally, the 3 most rewarding successes for me in 2011 were:

1. b. In my career or business, the 3 most rewarding successes for me in 2011 were:

2. What did I do in each case to make these successes happen?

3. What were the 3 most beautiful “magic moments” for me in 2011? (Times of deep happiness, great “flow,” extreme awareness or unusual close contact.)

4. What events from 2011 do I never want to experience again?

5. How can I make sure that these things will not happen again?

6. What am I most proud of from 2011? In what ways did I grow last year?

7. What are my three most important “Pearls of Wisdom” from 2011? (Pearls of wisdom are learning lessons, “Aha!” moments or deep realizations.)

8. Ten people, things or situations from 2011 that I’m grateful for:

9. I am finishing the year 2011 with the positive feeling(s) of…

Please set aside time to go through this process BEFORE you start planning for 2012. I promise, you will gain not only intellectual insights, but also emotional relief and a sense of renewed energy. Working through this process is the mental equivalent of spring cleaning: removing accumulated clutter and preparing space for all of the possibilities the new year brings.

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