Recognize, Stop, Guide, Ask, Integrate: The Emotional Brainwash Process

by sbhill on August 5, 2011

For 20 years I have been studying and practicing three things in order to understand my own brainand therefore myselfbetter: meditation, methods for raising my own awareness, and neuroscience. I do all of this with an attitude of research and trial and error. I love experimenting with myself and creating new processes that are derived from the great tools and teachings I have obtained from wonderful books or teachers. I owe many of them deep gratitude, but unfortunately, sometimes after years of digging, I am no longer able to attribute from where or whom some of the pieces of wisdom came. Please forgive me.

The process I give you here today is designed by me and was first communicated and successfully practiced by my students during my The Coachmakers Training coaching educational program.

Indicators of when to use this process:
You experience strong emotions (e.g. stress, anger, panic) or uncomfortable emotions (e.g. irritation, vague fear, nervousness), or you have a vague sense that something significant is happening inside yourself, or your intuition is on alert and wants you to check in about what’s going on right now.

Success-generating attitude:
Open mind, open heart, gentleness, compassion and curiosity

The Process

Step 1: Recognize that “something” is happening inside you and that emotions have been triggered.

Step 2: Stop whatever you are doing and stand or sit still without moving.

Step 3: Direct your full attention like a spotlight onto whatever you are experiencing and feeling right now until your mental chatter calms down and you are quiet and fully present.

Step 4: Ask yourself the following questions while keeping your full attention on your emotional sensations:

  • Where is this coming from?
    Pause and listen for the answer.
  • What is it trying to tell me?
    Pause and listen for the answer.
  • What are you resisting?
    Pause and listen for the answer.

Step 5: Integrate whatever answers you get by observing, without judgment, whatever comes up. You might want to take some notes to remember your insights or the decisions you make as a result of your discoveries.

Expected results:
Deep insights. Emotional relief. Raised awareness. Empowered confidence. Sometimes emotional or even physical healing. Sometimes a shift in beliefs. Sometimes a change in habits. Maybe new actions based upon new decisions.

Important hints:
If for some unknown reason none of the expected results happens, check the quality of Step 3, which is the most difficult one for most people. Either your attention is not fully on your emotions or you are not completely calmed down.

If all steps are done properly and still no results occur, please trust that a wiser part in you has decided that it is not yet the right time to raise the veil from your sub-consciousness. Be in peace with it and go through the process again at another time.

Disclaimer: This process is created for mentally stable and healthy people to conduct self-coaching and research into their own sub-consciousness. If you suffer from strong traumas or mental diseases or brain dysfunctions, please don’t try this process alone; do it only under the supervision of your mental health provider. I, Sylvia Becker-Hill, the creator of this process, am not responsible for its proper use or outcomes for you or anyone else.

I would be delighted and honored to hear some feedback from your research with these five steps. You can leave comments below or speak with me directly via email:

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