The #1 Killer of Change Attempts: Time Confusion

by sbhill on June 10, 2011

In my last post, remember how I tried to inspire you to “brainwash” your brain for your personal spring cleaning?

Here is another reason why you should do that regularly: When you consciously set goals for yourself to change something, your subconscious mind needs to support that. Otherwise, you’ll drive your “car of change” with one foot on the gas and one on the brake. Consciously you think, “I want to reduce my TV time to have more time for my active hobbies.” But subconsciously you might think, “I feel so comfortable and safe when watching TV. It reminds me of the happy times spent with my dad, and I want to stay connected to him.” Guess what? You’ll end up with your bag of chips and a beer in front of the TV!

The frustrating news for all of us is that the subconscious mind always wins in the end. (Remember, conscious willpower is a depleting resource!) In cases of strong disagreement between your conscious and subconscious minds, you literally create an inner conflict that not only destroys your change attempts but, in the worst cases, can even make you sick! Your own body becomes a war-zone and starts to show symptoms that may later be diagnosed as diseases by your doctor.

To make lasting change possible and to accelerate the change, you need your conscious and subconscious mind to work together. This is what I call Brainalignment™! (Don’t look it up. I invented this term :-).)

One of the biggest problems in the conflict between our two minds is that they often operate in different time zones. Neuroscience has recently shown that the subconscious mind can’t distinguish between past, present and future. For it, everything is always happening NOW!

What does that mean? Let me share an example of brain-misalignment™ that I discovered recently in myself. For about one and a half years I have wanted to start using videos for my own marketing. I paid money for webinars to learn how to do it, and I bought all the professional equipment necessary to create my own little video studio in my house. I was totally clear about why I want to do it and felt highly motivated. But the results: None. I didn’t know what blocked me.

Finally, I sat down and used some of my coaching tools—one of which I will teach you in my next ezine—to discover the following: When I was 11 years old and in high school, we went on a class trip with an overnight stay in a youth hotel where we had a dance party. The day after we came back, I entered the school and was greeted by laughter and people whispering behind my back. Anxiously wondering what was going on, I went to my classroom and discovered a big pin-board beside the door with photos from our dance party. In the middle of the collage of photos was one of me dancing with a mini-skirt in full motion. The photo was taken by someone lying on the floor, and the view was totally distorted. I looked like a disabled alien trying to swim! I was too embarrassed to take it away and played teenage-style “cool.” Because of that event, my subconscious mind decided to do whatever it could to prevent such humiliation from happening again—no more embarrassing pictures of me going public!

This incident happened 33 years ago. I didn’t remember it consciously. But for my “always being in the now’” subconsciousness, the attempt to start video-marketing triggered this old emotional trauma and “Bang!”, the old programming was running it’s course, finding ways to distract me from my goal and making sure I wouldn’t “go public” visually. Isn’t that interesting?

Whenever you experience yourself not doing something that you have decided to do over several days, weeks or months, you can be sure it’s not your conscious actual self blocking you from doing it! It’s your younger self trying to protect you through the old conditioning of your subconscious mind that doesn’t care if you are in the year 2011 or 1978.

Does this make sense? Are you currently experiencing a struggle with your younger self? Is your subconscious mind keeping you from achieving a recently-set goal?

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