What a Car Ad Can Teach Us About Change Management

by sbhill on February 9, 2011

Since Super Bowl Sunday I have a new morning ritual when I turn on my PC: I watch a very inspirational special video to start my workday with high spirits. Before you click on the YouTube player below, please stop and answer the following question:

When you hear the city name Detroit, what comes to your mind?
The big 3? Jazz? Madonna? Or riots? Racism? Poverty?

When you watch this video, pay attention to the highly thought-through text in which every pause, every ‘ahem’ and every emphasis counts. Pay attention to what kind of effect the music has on you. Enjoy… then come back to my post.

Do you get goosebumps like I get every time I hear and watch it?
Why do you think I showed this to you?
What can we learn about change management from this car ad?

Detroit is a city in desperate need for huge change. There are a lot of stories—mostly negative—out there about Detroit. In order to change something, you must stop repeating the past; you must stop repeating the old story. You must start telling the story about how the change will look like, what the results will be and what you want to experience.

This car ad shows us the power of changing our perception through a designed story telling supported by trance-inducing rhythm and music, which helps the words go straight into our emotional brain areas. A message from a change agent delivered like that will stick!

When you are clear about the change you want: Tell its story. Sing it, when you can. And see our perception shifting and your success unfolding.

Comments are always greatly appreciated.

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